• Ballroom Boys (Feature in Development)

Ballroom Boys (Feature in Development)


Feature in development


Jack Cole grew up in the Blackpool ballroom world, dancing in mainstream competitions from a young age. His mother and father, dancers themselves, have put a lot of care into his ballroom upbringing. Yet, something is not working. His love life is inexistent, his office life a dead-end. His friends and parents always expect too much. Jack ploughs through his days apathetically. Until he meets Gene. A dancer himself, Gene takes Jack's world by storm: Jack is new to the world of competitive same-sex ballroom dancing. An openly gay man, he has always danced with female partners. Gene and Jack are a perfect fit, but it soon becomes clear that Jack is Gene's follow. Jack fights against this. After all, he has always been trained as a lead. Yet their partnership works: together, they win first prize, an entirely new prospect for Jack. Upon finding out he has been training for two separate competitions, Jack's parents reveal their disappointment and ask him to make a decision: if he continues with same-sex dancing, he is never going to be taken seriously in the ballroom world. Pressured into this, Jack is faced with a decision: settling in his prescribed role as an adequate lead, or dancing on his own terms.


Producer: Michael Stylianou
Writers: Laura Spini; Michael Stylianou