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Drama/Comedy Short, 2019, UK

A local child has gone missing. For the family, it is a tragedy. For former celebrity psychic Dame Alvera, it is an opportunity to claw back her fame. But in the dingy confines of a small-town psychic fayre, can she still make a human connection?

Directors: Laura Spini & Laurence Brook; Producer: Rebecca Morgan; Cinematographer: Tian Tsering; Production Designer: Zoë Payne; Composer: Giorgio Giampà
Cast: Sophie Thompson; Christopher Keegan; Lauren Douglin; Tim Heath; Bradley John

Shot on: ARRI Alexa Mini


2019 - Lago Film Festival

2019 - Vancouver International Film Festival

2019 - Underwire Film Festival

2019 - Margate Film Festival

2019 - Norwich Film Festival

2019 - Short & Sweet

2019 - Somewhere North of Boston

2019 - Deptford Cinema Film Festival

2020 - Cardiff Mini Film Festival

2020 - SorsiCorti Short Film Festival

2020 - Norfolk Film Festival

2020 - WomenX Festival (WINNER: Best Performance)

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